• Parallel Programming - I implemented pthread, OpenCL, OpenMP, CUDA, Parallel Prefix and Hadoop.

  • Game Theory - The course notes of the Game Theory course by HackMD. The course taught the mathematical models of strategic games, extended strategic games, bimatrix games, matrix games, bayesian games. And of course, Nash equilibrium in these different games.

  • Compiler - I implemented a Micro/Ex programming language compiler by Lex and Yacc and several compiler-related algorithms (e.g. first, follow set, LR(1) goto and closure function) by C.

  • Machine Learning Foundation - The homework (written in LaTex) of the Machine Learning Foundation course at NTU. This course taught the most fundamental algorithmic, theoretical and practical tools that any user of machine learning needs to know.

  • Theory of Computer Games - I implemented several classic board game searching algorithms(e.g. alpha-beta, NegaScout, transposition table) in my Chinese Dark Chess AI agent by C++.

  • Object-oriented Analysis and Design - We designed a Java desktop application (Taiwan High-Speed Booking System) by the modern software engineering approach, including UML (Uniform Modeling Language) and MVC design pattern in this course.

  • Network Administration and System Administration - The homework (written in LaTex) of Network Administration and System Administration course. This course was designed to train the students to perform daily network and system maintenance tasks.

  • Machine Learning - The homework of the Machine Learning course. I have implemented several machine learning algorithms such as linear regression, logistic regression, CNN, RNN, matrix factorization, dimension reduction, K-means clustering and Chinese question answering system.

  • Computer Architecture - The homework of the Computer Architecture course. I implemented MIPS assembly language and a CPU by Verilog, a hardware description language.

  • Computer Network - I implemented a client that can send message to an IRC channel and a TCP simulator programs by Python.


  • .vim - The .vim folder I currently use.



  • Millionaire-class - A electron app that is inspired by “Who is the Millionaire” show.